In Blue Moon you take control over one of the peoples of the world Blue Moon. Your aim is to attract the three elemental dragons in direct confrontation against one of the other peoples. To achieve this goal, each round one of your characters is sent to fight against one of your opponent‘s characters. Each people has various sources of support and boosters available, to finally enforce the enemy to withdraw and, by doing so, to attract one or more dragons. As the leader of your people you can also intervene directly.

The basic game contains the „Hoax“ and the „Vulca“. Right now there are also two seperate sets available: The „Mimix“ and the „Flit“. More seperate people sets are currently in preparation: „Terrah“, „Aqua“, „Pillar“ and „Khind“.

You decide which people you want to play and are ready to confront any other people instantly. Blue Moon is not a trading card game, each people set is complete and ready to play. There are no rare, hard to get, extreme powerful cards, but Blue Moon is still a very flexible game system.

Special rules for advanced players are already included that allow players to use cards of other peoples with their chosen people. Every card has a printed value (moons). Both players are allowed to use cards of other peoples than the chosen one with a sum not higher than 10 moons in addition to their own people. Every set already contains a small number of cards of different peoples, so these rules are already implemented and used in the already available sets.

You can find the cards of each available people along with a description of the people in the „Game“-section. A brief summary of the background story and why the peoples of Blue Moon fight each other, can be found in the section Legend. A lot of additional information about the world Blue Moon, the events before, in and after the Night of Doom are described on the cards itself. The complete rules can be found in the Rules-section.