The English sets of Aqua and Emissaries & Inquisitors: Blessings are now online. They will be available soon.
Vulca-Artist John Matson has now a website of his own: http://www.johnmatson.com
The English sets of Pillar and Emissaries & Inquisitors: Allies should be available in between the next two weeks
The Blue Moon Fan-Site www.blue-moon-fans.com does now host an extended English forum. The forum can be reached directly via "Forum" in the navigation bar. The Fan-Site www.blue-moon-fans.com and Kosmos also extended their cooperation: The Fan-Forum is now the official Blue Moon Forum as well.
An (almost) official updated FAQ-list in English is now available at http://www.mnemosyne.demon.co.uk/bgames/bluemoon
The new sets "Khind" and "Terrah" have been released.
In the current issue of the German magazine Nautilus (issue 22, March to May 2004) you can see behind the curtain of the world Blue Moon. Furthermore you can read an article about the developement of
the illustrations and about the man behind the game: Author Reiner Knizia.
The first Blue Moon fansite is online: On www.blue-moon-fans.com you can talk over strategies and ask questions about rules.
At the Nuremberg International Toy Fair, Blue Moon won the award "Toy Innovation 2004" in the category "Experience"

The game world Blue Moon is shown to the public for the first time at the Nuremberg International Toy Fair. The basic game, containing the two people sets "Vulca" and "Hoax" will be available by the end of February. The expansion-sets "Mimix" and "Flit" will be available at the same time.