The catastrophic Night of Doom plunged the vibrant Blue Moon City and its many peoples into the Dark Age. The Golden Dragon had fallen and Blue Moon, the creator of all things, is gone. The old King is dead; Blue Moon City has been destroyed; and the Holy Crystal of Psi is shattered into a myriad of small crystals. The three elemental dragons, the only divine creatures remaining in the world, now guard the broken crystals in wait for a new ruler to come.
The two royal heirs, Prince Roland and Princess Elinor, each blame the other for killing the Golden Dragon and bringing disaster to the world. Both claim their right to the throne, and the once united peoples do not know whom to follow. The crown will be decided in battle.
You are taking the side of one of the royal heirs, rallying the peoples and their leaders around you to pursue the claim to the throne. If you are victorious, the three elemental dragons will reward you with crystals. When you can make the Holy Crystal whole again, you will be crowned and become the new ruler. Then the peoples will be united, Blue Moon City will be rebuilt and - hopefully - Blue Moon will return to the world.