Daren Bader

Franz Vohwinkel

Scott Fischer

John Matson

Todd Lockwood

Lars Grant-West

Jim Nelson

Michael Phillippi

Sam Wood

Randy Gallegos

Jeremy Jarvis

Darrell Riche

Wayne England
The story of Blue Moon can be compared to the screenplay of a phantastic movie. Therefore the realisation of the story into pictures had to meet very special demands.
Imelda and Franz Vohwinkel made the masterly achievement, to coordinate the work of a whole bunch of top-class fantasy-illustrators regardless of frontiers and language barriers.
Each of the 8 illustrators had the creative freedom to illustrate one complete people. The author of the game only set the basic parameters. The Mimix for example had to consist only of female characters that were perfectly attuned to there environment. All the Flit on the other hand had to look like birds in any way. In the end the illustrators identified themselves with their people, so they even took an important role in the naming of the cards.
Germany's most employed illustrator of games, Franz Vohwinkel, also designed the game board, the graphical structure of the peoples-cards, the three plastic dragons, the Hoax and the mutants.