What career goals can a man aim at? A man that already has a Master of Science from the Syracuse University (USA), a doctor in Mathematics from the University of Ulm (Germany) and has been in the board of management of one of Englands best known building companies? Reiner Knizia wanted to be a game developer - not more, not less. Five years ago, Knizia (born in 1957) left the management board and became a full time game developer.

More than 100 games, developed by Reiner Knizia, have been published. His first award was the "Deutsche Spielepreis" for the game "Modern Art" back in 1993. He won this award again in 1998 ("Euphrat & Tigris"), 2000 ("Tadsch Mahal") and 2003 ("Amun Re"). He also won the "Gamer's Choice Award" for his game for two persons "Lost Cities" published by KOSMOS. The cooperative fantasy-game "The Lord of the Rings", published also by KOSMOS, was a worldwide success and was awarded the special award "Literatur im Spiel" by the Jury "Spiel des Jahres".

His new epic game "BLUE MOON" - again published by KOSMOS - that was released in spring 2004, Reiner Knizia made one of his dreams come true: His own game world!

Asked for his personal life's philosophy, Reiner Knizia refers to his game "Durch die Wüste" ("Through the desert") that was published by KOSMOS in 1998: "There is so much to do and you have so few actions to take. Likewise it is the art of life, from all the things you would like to do, to pick out only the best and most important ones.
More information about Reiner Knizia and a complete ludography of his games can be found at www.knizia.de.